Program 1


The objective of the programme is to train young people as entrepreneurs in agri-business and motivate them to set up entrepreneurial ventures. Over a period of three months, the participants will undergo training on entrepreneurship through a specially designed leadership programme that include a combination of in-class sessions, expert lectures, mentoring and experiential learning through field immersions.

Module-1: Farming System and Practices

This module aims to develop conceptual and practical understanding on key aspects of agriculture and agribusiness. The objective is to gain exposure on farming systems and practices and also understand the farm-based livelihoods in the rural settings. Through the immersive training the participants will learn about farming systems and innovations for sustainable agriculture and livestock production, value chains and the institutional context for agriculture and agribusiness.

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Module-2: Market Systems and Practices

This module comprises two weeks immersive training on agriculture and livestock market system. Through intensive field immersion, the participants will learn about key aspects of agri-market systems with emphasis on local-regional-national and global markets, the institutional contexts and policies affecting these markets. The participants will also be introduced to concepts and tools for analyzing agriculture/agribusiness supply chains and markets. While understanding the limitations of conventional Mandi based marketing and distribution system, this module will enable the participants to explore and evaluate the unconventional approaches in Agri-and livestock supply chains and marketing. The emphasis would be on encouraging the participants to challenge the traditional market systems and practices and discover alternate business models that serve better both the farmers as well as consumers.

Module-3: Entrepreneurship

This one-week long module introduces various tools for diagnosing problem situation and design of innovative interventions for viable agribusiness ventures. In this module the participants will undergo intensive training on Problem Mapping, Understanding Self, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Design. The participants will also be introduced to the basics of Marketing, Finance and Costing for Agribusiness ventures. The hands-on approach coupled with mentoring and field immersions would enable the participants to take up leadership roles in agri-business and becoming a ‘change-maker’ in their own contexts. In this module the participants will work on their business plan.